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What is the cheapest way to get rid of stumps?

Oct 5

A commercial tree service can remove any remaining stumps after you have hired them. You can also hire another company, that offers Budget Stump Grinding Services. to do the work. If you've felled the tree yourself the task of removing it from the ground is yours. It can be just as difficult as the actual tree removal. Although this is possible, it can be costly to hire a company to bring a large machine to grind the stump to make sawdust. For large stumps or ones in difficult locations, commercial stump removal can run up to $800. A stump grinder can be rented for $150-$400 per day. However, it is difficult to get the tool on site and use it safely. There are many ways to accomplish this task without hiring a contractor or purchasing large equipment. You should visit for pro tips, Tree Stump Grinding Tips.

Some Easy Ways to get rid of a Tree Stump


Chemicals are the most labor-intensive method to get rid of a tree stump. This process can take some time, especially if it is large.

Sometimes, the stump removal process can take over a year because you are rotting your stump. This method can be done inexpensively if you have a drill and a chainsaw.

You will spend less than $20 on the materials that you need. These are our top five choices for stump removal chemicals.


Remove Stump Manually

It may be possible to remove the stump manually if you don't want chemical stump removal, or don't want it to take too long. If you have the right tools, this method is very cost-effective. The project can take anywhere from three to twelve hours to complete, but once it's done, the stump will be gone.


These are the tools you will need to purchase or gather:


Digging bar (from $30 to $50)


Bow saw (from $10 to $30)


Axe ($30-40).


Mattock ($15-50).


For this project, make sure you have safety gear like work gloves and steel-toe boots


Burn the stump

The burning method is another cheap option. You can use this alone or with the other stump-removal methods. You will need the following supplies to burn your stump:


Fuel oil or kerosene

Power drill.

A Stump Grinder is a great tool!

Renting a stump grinder is a good DIY option if you have a large stump or multiple stumps. Renting a stump grinder from your local home improvement shop will cost you between $100 and $200. A few additional tools are also required, including: