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Can I do stump grinding by myself?

Oct 5


Many people look for ways to save money on Cheap Stump Grinding. However, the DIY project is not for the faint of heart if you're looking for a way to remove tree stumps. Stump grinders can be a highly specialized piece of equipment. They use complicated hydraulics and have many sharp teeth. The teeth basically chew away at the stump until it is broken down into pieces, which happens well below the ground's surface. Safety should always be your first concern, followed by convenience and finally, cost.


A stump grinder can be rented at most local rental shops. This is not as simple as other rental-related tasks. Ask questions if you are considering stump grinding on your property. You should understand the ramifications of such a project.

What size stump grinder do you need?

A larger grinder is recommended for stumps that are more than 12 inches in diameter. These grinders can be either towable by a vehicle or hauled on a large truck. These grinders are faster and do a better job at grinding a stump.


What is the cost of renting a stump grinder?


A grinder such as this can be rented for between $150 and $300 per day. The additional costs of renting a trailer and the gas required to transport the grinder and run it will be added. It may be cheaper to hire a stump grinder company depending on how big your project is.

Can I safely operate a stump grinder?


Safety is essential. Your life depends on it. If not used with care, this piece of machinery can easily dismember and even kill an operator.


This machine can also cut through any object it comes in contact with. This includes conduit and utility wires. If you come into contact with utilities, this could lead to utility interruptions and electrocution. Our tree service is professional and will call the utility companies to mark these lines on your property.

Reasons for Getting Rid of a Stump


It doesn't make sense to leave a stump there after going to the effort of having a tree removed. Read Stump Grinding vs Removal, to know what is more beneficial. 

Listed below are some of the most important reasons to have stumps removed from your yard:


They can be an eyesore - Nobody likes looking out at old stumps scattered across the yard. They become even more disfiguring when weeds and other plants grow on them. This is a natural occurrence.


They take up valuable space - Most people want the best yard possible. Stumps can really block your vision.


They can be dangerous - While some stumps are easily identifiable, others become obscured by grasses, weeds, and other plants, and are tripping hazards. There is nothing worse than stepping on an old stump from a tree.

Is DIY Stump Grinding worth it?


There are many variables involved. This can lead to a lot of aggravation if your grinder isn’t being maintained properly or you aren’t familiar with how it works. You may also be frustrated if your grinder doesn't reach deep enough. This could lead to a repeat rental, and more time wasted.