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Budget Stump Grinding

Oct 4


The stump is often left behind by trees that have fallen on their own or are cut down due to illness or a storm. Many homeowners desire the stump to be removed after a tree has been cut down. It can cause damage to their lawns and even present a safety hazard.

Generally, stump removal requires the use of heavy machinery to remove the stump and some root systems. However, other methods might work depending on the circumstances.

Tree stump removal is not the same for every tree. Price fluctuations can be caused by many factors, including terrain, accessibility, geographic location, the size of the stump, root complexity, and type of tree.

Additional costs can be incurred if there are hazards or obstacles. The stump may need to be removed if it is located near structures or underground utilities.

It is important to not overlook the professional's impact on the tree stump removal cost. Prices may vary from one area to the next. There may be an additional charge if the contractor must travel long distances. Additional manpower or special tools will increase the cost. For hiring professionals for stump grinding or removal, you should check out Georgetown stump grinding.


Factors that Influence the Tree Stump Removal Price

The national average price for tree stump removal is $327. However, prices can vary greatly in different areas of the country. There are many reasons for pricing variations. Some professionals charge per hour while others charge per job or stump diameter. A minimum of $100 can be charged per hour. The cost of stump removal is affected by other factors. The type of tree is one factor. The stumps of hardwoods such as oak, elm, and hickory are more difficult to remove so extra costs might apply. Old stumps are usually less expensive to remove than newer ones, especially if they have begun to decompose.

The cost of stump removal may be affected by root size, root complexity, and the number of roots. It will be harder and more costly to remove stumps near buildings or utilities.


Size of the stump

The stump size will determine how much work it takes to remove. Professionals will be more expensive, regardless of whether they charge per hour or by the stump size. For an accurate measurement of stumps, they should be taken at ground level. Prices per stump can vary depending on size and whereabouts. The average per-diameter price is $2 to 3 per inch. There are some professionals who offer price breaks to multiple stumps. This also affects the variance in averages.

Accessibility for Stumps

Expect to pay more if the tree stump is difficult--or hard to access--to be removed. It is difficult to safely remove large trees that have been wedged between buildings and near power lines. This requires extra effort. Any feature such as a lake, trees, buildings or other structures will make it more difficult and costly to remove.


Geographic Location

Pricing will be affected by where you live. Urban areas often have higher stump removal costs than rural ones. This is due to higher expenses such as permits and insurance. The going market rate is not the only important factor. Most professionals will charge extra for work beyond their local area. This can sometimes lead to additional travel expenses. The pricing information for each area can be found by doing a Google search for "tree stump service near me".