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Mar 30

Many Phoenix Arizona properties have trees.

Most people assume that pruning is simply that, pruning. Pruning can also make the tree more susceptible to insects and diseases.

Tucson Tree Men Pruning is a great way to bring many benefits to the tree and landowner.

  • Pruning properly can lower the likelihood of failure. Pruning can help reduce the risk of failure.
  • Pruning can reduce or stop the spread of disease. Proper tree pruning encourages strong and healthy growth.
  • Pruning can make trees look better. Pruning does more than simply remove branches. Pruning goes beyond removing branches. It also regulates how they grow and regrow. Some trees will need to be trimmed for as much as a decade.
  • Pruning a tree is a way of controlling its size. Low-hanging trees can be pruned to prevent injury or vehicle damage.

Incorrect Tree Pruning or Trimming can pose grave dangers

Topping or "lion's tailing", whereby all interior branches are removed, is a common practice that can do more harm than good.

It's true that homeowners and non-ISA qualified landscapers might not be able to correctly prune trees. They may not know the right time and what to do.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management provides the best method to ensure tree care

Our tree-pruning skills are what we are most proud of. Our tree-pruning skills are what we are most proud of.

The International Society of Arboriculture certifies all tree workers. This is the highest standard of professionalism within the industry.

Fallen Leaf tree technicians and arborists are highly trained and have years of experience in tree pruning and maintenance. To get tree trimming done properly, call us at (520-215-7550



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